web Award winning UI/UX
design thinking Creativity re: defined An accessible and appealing user-experience that will intrigue the users and add significance to your business and make them loyal to your products or services.

"Establish your web presence, the stronger the better"
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Web interface design MOST TRUSTED BRAND GeekTraits is one of the most trusted tech brands in India. We create exquisite and stunning Web & UI Designs that will make an ever-lasting impression on users.

Beyond the imagination, technology exceeds rapidly and so do we.
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C#, Php, Java, Python, NodeJs... ecommerce dev Building fast, impeccable, scalable, and robust web applications according to your business needs.

Stop worrying about technology problems and focus on your business. Let us provide you with the support you need.
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boost customer engagement digital marketing Boost customer engagement with our marketing experts and turn your business from local to global.

Gain worldwide exposure and attract the right audience to your website and earn a fortune with it. Be found before someone else does.
design thinking devices_other MOST TRUSTED TECH BRAND #1 WEB DESIGN COMPANY

Applying futuristic technology to your business

We help thousands of customers building their business worldwide. Unlock the business potential by simply adapting to latest tech standards.

Asian IT & Development Excellence Awards 2019 Winner

GT embraces design thinking and outlet great works of art.

When it comes down to business, you can’t afford to overlook less intuitive or poor user experience that will not only turn users away but hurt your business credibility as well.
Given that, we apply the user-centered approach that emphasizes accessibility and overall functionality with a user-friendly interface.

Interaction Design

UI & UX Design

Impress your users by providing them with a remarkable experience regardless of the device they use.

Progressive Web App

Design Concepts

We cultivate innovation and construct efficient & appealing websites that work across all platforms.

Solution Stack

Web Development

Run your business hassle-free, leave all the difficult tasks to us. GT has got your business covered.

Business Growth by 55%

SEO Services

Considering the fact that 75% of the traffic comes from the search engine solely, therefore, get along.

Never settle for good, demand great

Slide E-commerce Development Here, we gladly present to you GT managed e-commerce solutions. Set up your online store and start selling online with zero interruptions. We provide scalable, robust, and customizable e-commerce solutions

Now, Uncle Bakery is a renowned brand and delighting customers all over the metro cities in India.
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Slide Business
How our privileged partner "IBEX INDIA" got their entire business process online that involves web application, usage tracking, student monitoring panel, eCommerce system, online examination software, and bulk email CRM in a matter of days.

Business sure is complicated, and we made it look easy.
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Building a user interface that not only anticipates user actions but provides them with the relevant experience. Not to mention attractive design with high performance while keeping the simplicity at its core.

Gladly we met all of the client's expectations and got ourselves a pat on the back.
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Slide Promising
Web Services
Process development includes workspace creation, data management, analytic room, and BI as a service module with an intriguing interface for targeted devices (desktop and mobile).

Despite all the challenges & difficulties, we overcame this obstacle course with a collective effort of our designers & developers.
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Slide Web
Gigatel Broadband, one of our prestigious clients, and do justice to the brand, we had to come up with some groundbreaking strategy to make it both look fantastic and function better.

The process involves website design, development, and industry-specific custom software to automate the whole process.
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Start your business online with us

GeekTraits has taken the world by storm with its break-through business solutions. GT is a hub of outstanding designers, developers, marketing theorists, business experts & abstract thinkers.

1. How does the design process work?
GT uses ideation, context-analysis, cognitive design principles, and methodologies and adopts new approaches, tools, and techniques to layout a good design.
2. What technology does GT use?
We use advanced technology, development methodologies, web modeling and various web components, modules & frameworks such as Django, Laravel, ExpressJs, Ruby on Rails, and so on.
3. What services does GT have to offer?
Well, we offer a comprehensive array of services such as UI/UX & Web design, Web development, Mobile apps, Software dev, Managed business solutions, digital marketing, etc.
4. How to opt-in for a service?
Just provide us with your business and communication details, our representative will get in touch with you shortly for a free project assessment or consultation.

GeekTraits enabling your business to adapt to new technologies.

  • Award-winning solutions

  • 24*7 tech assistance

  • Free project consultation

  • Process automation

Challenge yourself, don’t stop until you get it done.